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To encourage, promote and protect the interest of the Automotive Industry in Malaysia.
To consider and support or to oppose any proposed legislation or other measures affecting the interests of Members and to cooperate with and make representations to any Government Department and any Municipal or other Local Authority for the purpose of furthering or safeguarding the interests of the Automotive Industry and of benefiting road users.
To disseminate to its Ordinary Members information on matters affecting them in particular and the Automotive Industry in general and to that effect, to collect, compile, collate and thereafter to disseminate such information in the form of reports and/or statistics to its Members.
To act and be a medium of communication for its Ordinary Members for the furtherance and promotion of their mutual interests.
To assist and advise any Member who may be engaged in enforcing any principle considered by the Association to be for the benefit of the Automotive Industry or in resisting any action or proposal considered by the Association to be against the best interests of the Automotive Industry.
To promote and encourage the formulation of trade tests and standards in skilled and semi-skilled occupations in the Automotive Industry and to provide or assist in and the provisions of training to enable workers to achieve such standards.
To promote, encourage, and provide means for mutual consultation and cooperation between Members in dealing with industrial disputes and unrest, providing that the Association shall not pursue any of the objects of a Trade Union as defined in the Trade Union Ordinance 1959.
To assist and advise Members in regard to any matter connected with industrial relations and generally promote, foster and protect the interests of Members.


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