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Member Benefits
Ordinary Members

Ordinary membership is open to any company or firm lawfully engaged in the Automotive Industry in Malaysia as A Motor Vehicle Manufacturer, Assembler, Franchise Holder or as A sole distributor dealing woth Completely Knocked Down (CKD) and/or Completely Built-up (CBU) Operations.

Ordinary Members shall have :

The right to nominate one representative to attend all meetings of the Association;
The right to vote at such meetings;
The right to contest for any post in the Council Members at any election and if so elected the right to hold office; and
Shall also have interest in the funds and/or movable and immovable assets of the Association.
Associate Members
Associate membership is open to any company, firm or individual lawfully engaged in Automotive Industry in Malaysia as a dealer or agent to retail motor vehicles wherein such dealership or agency shall have to be granted by an Ordinary Member. Notwithstanding the above, the Council Members may at it sole discretion admit any company, firm or individual as an associate memebr even if it/he/she may not meet the said qualifications.
Subscriber Members

Subscriber Membership is open to any company, firm, association or individual lawfully engaged in a trade, business, profession or service directly or indirectly related to the Automotive Industry in Malaysia.

As a "Subscriber Member" an organization will receive the following :-

Monthly Vehicle Sales Summary - makes of New vehicles sold in Malaysia
Monthly Imported CBU Summary - registration on New and Used CBU vehicles in Malaysia
Quarterly : JPJ Hqrs Cumulative Figures of motor vehicles registered in Malaysia.
Quarterly : Berita MAA ( MAA Newsletter ).
All members are bound by and shall adhere to this Constitution of the Association, obey all the by-laws, rules and regulations made hereunder and shall also comply with all decisions made by the Council Members or the Association as a whole pursuant to this Constitution or the by-laws, rules and regulations hereunder.

It is the policy of the MAA to comply with competition law at all times and the members of MAA are required to comply with MAA competition compliance policy and guidelines.


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